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Customized Your Own Web Application

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We are expert team on web development and web applications, experience in constructing complex, database driven systems. Over 20 years experience in Microsoft .net system, we able to develop quality customized web based application systems such as MLM web portal system, Web Tax system, Web Content Management Systems, Customized E-Commerce sites and many more.

Our customized Web Development all structure in dedicated server, Cloud and etc, all data stored safe in our data center and backup daily, contact us for a free consultation and customized your web system start today.

What is your business need? we’re here to help you develop the unique system to suit your market needs.

Customized your Web Application

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Inventory System Quotation, DO and Invoicing System
  • Custom Multi Level Marketing System
  • Custom Bonus Calculation System
  • Custom E-commerce System
  • Online Product Catalog
  • Member Point System
  • Mobile P2P Point System

Microsoft .Net

Mastering in .NET developer platform with tools and libraries to build app, web application, mobile, desktop and microservices.

Local & Global Server

Dedicated Server hosted in local or Hong Kong. We provide international direct line to China to ensure China user able to access our system or software

Daily Backup

We backup twice daily on your database and files to ensure all data safe cross online and offline, worry free on system downtime or crash.

24/7 Support

Your live system and real time data is important, our support team will support includes assistance with technical issues

Let's Discuss and Start Build!